Alberva, Gr. 6, Nails IBT English 100%

PS Totals 92 Awardees


The school’s vision to be a premiere learning institution had been proven once again as it improved its performance on last year’s International Benchmark Test (IBT). From 84 awardees in 2015, we now have a total of 92 awardees in the 2016 version of the IBT. 49-English; 32-Science; and 11-Math. And for the first time, one of the Grade 6 pupils, Robert Ethan Alberva, will be receiving an Honor’s Certificate for garnering 100% in the English test.

The IBT tests have been designed to assess the generic skills that underpin the teaching of English, Mathematics and Science for grades 3 to 10. Test questions are based on reasoning and thinking skills in each subject area rather than knowledge of particular curriculum content. Tests are updated each year with new and stimulating content that has been developed by an experienced team of assessment professionals.