PS Fourth Graders Take PIRLS

75 Grade four pupils take the Progress in Reading Literacy Skills (PIRLS) 2016 at Philippine School, February 23, 2016. This is the school’s second time participating in such test which assesses two purposes of reading that fourth grade students typically engage in: reading for literacy experience, as well as acquire and use information. The test also assesses four broad processes of comprehension predominantly used by fourth grade readers: focus on and retrieve explicitly stated information, make straightforward inferences, interpret and integrate ideas and   information, and evaluate and critique content and textual elements. With the successful result of PIRLS 2011 where several of then Grade four students who are now in Grade 9 gave honor to the school and to Oman as well, it is with high hope that this batch will make it big too. “We opted to join this test after receiving invitation from the Ministry of Education and it is our obligation as an international school of this country to support them too. It is also a good way of measuring our students’ skills in reading. I hope the MoE will give the result to us to make us aware of the comprehensive result to serve as basis in checking the performance of the school particularly in reading” said Mr. Pevwarti Sursigis, school principal.